Public DNS resolver

We operate best effort public DNS resolvers to speed up requests, increase redundancy and improve your privacy. We believe in the decentralized and open nature of Internet and we are trying to provide alternatives to the big companies and their spying eyes.

We operate under very stringent privacy policy - available here

We don’t log the queries and use our own recursion to resolve queries.

The public DNS resolvers are available on:

| Hostname | IPv4 address | IPv6 address | Ports | |——————– |————— |—————- | —————- | | | | 2a0d:4d00:81::1 | 53/UDP, 853/TCP | | | | 2a0d:4d00:81::2 | 53/UDP, 853/TCP |

Available ports:

  • 53/UDP
  • 853/TCP (DNS over TLS or DoT)

Our public DNSo over HTTPS (DoH) service is available on

Please use DoT or DoH to encrypt your DNS traffic.