Monday, Nov 18, 2019

DNSlify’s Public Resolvers + DoH Service Privacy Policy

We operate best effort public DNS resolvers to speed up requests, increase redundancy and your privacy. We believe in the decentralized and open nature of Internet and we are trying to provide alternatives to the big companies and their spying eyes.

The service:

  • does NOT profile users, clients, networks, domains or browsers

With the exception of incidents or when forced by applicable law, the DNSlify’s public resolvers service:

  • does NOT log queries, versions, cookies, IP addresses, headers on any metadata
  • does NOT analyse traffic
  • does not share traffic with any third party

If we are under attack of the services are mulfunctioning, we will investigate any traffic that might be harming our services. That’s the only time when sensitive data will be analysed or processed by us (or anyone else). Once the incident has been resolved, that data will be destroyed.

We provide graphs for total number of requests, TLS algorithms and HTTP versions used and similar metrics, but the counters are global and measure aggregate traffic.

Under GDPR framework, you are granted certain rights, as the right to get a copy of the data that we might have on you, the right to erasure and more. As we don’t keep your data, such requests will produce any data. If you have any questions, please contact us via here. If you feel that your rights are not protected by us, ideally we would like to hear it from you first, but the GDPR offers your the option to file a complaint with a relevant GDPR Data Protection Authority.